Aheahe Moon Announcement and Various Updates

Sailor Moon Pre

So, first up on the table here is the announcement of a secret project I’ve kept vaguely concealed for awhile: Sailor-fuku Bijin Tsuma Senshi Aheahe Moon R, or Aheahe Moon for short. “That Sailor Moon MILF game” also works. This is a lovely game where five of the main Sailor Scouts have all grown up into middle-aged women, yet for various reasons are extremely sexually unsatisfied. They hunger for cock, and there is no one to satisfy their cravings. Thankfully, the protagonist comes to save the day with copious dickings. This is a short-ish but still sizable game with a good number of scenes considering how many heroines there are. I think the writing is also pretty good, relatively speaking – the personality of each heroine is captured very well and the H-scenes vary significantly in tone depending on which heroine is being focused on. Usagi has a netori angle since she’s married, Rei has a BDSM focus,  Minako is all about having fun, that kind of thing. There’s a lot of personality here, basically, and it’s very charming. Tons of great sex with individuality to the heroines and variety to the fetishes. A kamige of nukige for sure.

An important thing to note here is that this translation is for the “R” version of the game, which doubles the content with a “tropical resort” expansion pack that has much better art than the main game. The patch will only work with the R version of the game. As for a release date, the patch should come out within a month or two. If not, fear the worst: a delay of indefinite length as technical issues are sorted out (and maybe editing, since that’s not done yet either)!  I’m  hoping it doesn’t come to that, though, since the translation is already 100% completed.


As for Lovely x Cation 2. Progress has been slower than I wanted, because I’ve been working on it less than I expected I would. No one to blame but myself here, really. To use vague math, I’ve been putting 80% of my translation time into Official Project #5 and 20% into LxC2, so it’s been crawling along in the background for the past two months. Official Project #5 is a real beast. That said, I’m certainly not dropping LxC2. I’ve actually come to like it MORE through translating it, which is in stark contrast to LxC1, which I grew to increasingly dislike the more time I spent with it. LxC2 is a really great game that I like a lot.

The primary purpose of this update is to say that I’m shifting plans a little. After some more time with the script, I’ve decided I want to leave Seine for last due to various profound reasons. This means Wakoto gets shifted to third in line. Or does it? In reality,  I’m swapping the order more significantly.

Hime -> Hinata -> Seine -> Wakoto
Hime -> Wakoto -> Hinata -> Seine.

There’s no profound reasoning here, I just decided it would be better for Hinata (as the only flat-chested heroine) to be introduced a little later rather than a little earlier, which worked well with the sudden shift in Seine’s positioning. That’s the reason why today’s LxC2 pic is a smiling Wakoto. She got a lucky break! All this is subject to change (again), but this time I’m more confident in sticking with it, since I’m definitely going to translate Seine last and I’m not going to stop Hime’s route mid-way. Incidentally, I discovered a few weeks ago that the recent LxC2 re-relase includes the 12 free append patches. This boosts the chances of me translating them significantly, since I don’t have to worry about people not knowing where to get them and thus missing out on a huge chunk of content. Still not sure how everything’s gonna go down, though. Maybe the re-relase is harder to insert the patch content into, or something. Who knows?

sansha mendan girls 214

Sansha Mendan! The image insertion bug still isn’t fixed, and may never be. That’s sad, but I’m guessing most people interested in SM have already read it by now anyway. If that ever gets fixed, I’ll post another update dedicated to releasing the updated patch. With that out of the way, I’ll talk a little about SM’s reception. I would say the reception has been overwhelmingly positive and that makes me really happy. Naturally a fair number of people got put off by the rapey premise, but those who did read it and did click with the fetishes have told me how great of a time they had reading SM. I’m glad fans of corruption, Kagami, and so on have enjoyed Sansha Mendan as much as I did.

Something I’m particularly pleased about is how Bishop is now a more well-known name in general. They’re my overall favourite nukige company, so it’s nice to see them finally getting the recognition they deserve in the West, though it’s a shame much of their quality catalog remains untranslated. Maybe some other madman will attempt to tackle one of their behemoths. For the time being, I personally don’t have the mental stamina to survive another 1.5m character nukige.

As an aside, it seems that Mifuyu is the overall favourite character. From all the reviews and impressions I’ve read, Mifuyu is the most common character referenced as the writer’s favourite. If I were to hold a mini awards show here, it would end up like:

Overall Favourite: Mifuyu
Hottest Girl / Most Fapped To: Yuuna
Most Entertaining Girl / Best Writing in a Route: Marika

I expected Aina to be the overall favourite because she is the most lovable and sexy girl in the world, but I’m not disappointed with these results. I’m glad to see so many people finding Marika as entertaining as I did, and Yuuna is indeed extremely hot. Although Mifuyu is the one I see listed as “favourite” the most, Yuuna is the one I see most people actively calling hot and listing as one of the sexiest girls they’ve seen in a VN. An odd distinction, but hey, awards shows are all about arbitrary distinctions. Mifuyu’s status as overall favourite is cemented by being featured in a piece of actual Sansha Mendan fanart that an anonymous fan sent to me through the /hgg/ board on 4chan:



This fanart is just wonderful and I love it a lot. It really says to me that people care about SM on a deep level, which is exactly what I hope for as a translator. Overall, I’d say Sansha Mendan’s release was a huge success. I enjoyed reading all the impressions people wrote and I liked watching the discussions people had. It definitely feels like it was worthwhile to spend so much time and effort translating Sansha Mendan, which is very vindicating after a year of worrying that not many people would care about a porn-focused nukige. Thanks for reading SM, everyone who did.


Anyway, that’s all for now. Aheahe Moon coming out in a month or two if all goes well. LxC2 progress is slow but steady. The planned route order has been swapped a little. I love SM way too much. Thanks for the fan art, anon. That’s all, folks.


6 thoughts on “Aheahe Moon Announcement and Various Updates

  1. Aheahe Moon sounds like a digimon’s name lol, and i really hope you can get LC2 patch work with the re release sinc eis the only reasonable way i could ever hope to get it xD, even if i downloaded it i lack the patience or internet to download each append xD


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