Evacuation – Retiring as a Fan Translator

Fan translation is generally considered unacceptable by Japanese and English publishers, and while I have gotten away with it until now, the chickens have finally come home to roost. By which I mean I have to halt all public fan-translation or get fired from every job I have or could have. With that in mind, I’m basically going to abandon this site, except for the Projects page and maybe posting official project announcements if anyone cares about that.

What does this mean for LxC2? It means I won’t talk about it here anymore. That’s all I have to say on the matter.



“Aheahe Moon R – Return of the Married Sailor Sluts” Full Translation Patch Release

Sailor Moon Pre

Game details: https://vndb.org/v8461
Game can be purchased here (Digital download): Getchu or DLsite
Patch Download: Aheahe Moon R Patch V1.0


This is a lovely game where five of the main Sailor Scouts have all grown up into middle-aged women, yet for various reasons are extremely sexually unsatisfied. They hunger for cock, and there is no one to satisfy their cravings… until the protagonist comes to save the day with copious dickings. This is a short-ish but still sizable game with a good number of scenes considering how many heroines there are. I think the writing is also pretty good, relatively speaking – the personality of each heroine is captured very well and the H-scenes vary significantly in tone depending on which heroine is being focused on. Usagi has a netori angle since she’s married, Rei has a BDSM focus,  Minako is all about having fun, that kind of thing. There’s a lot of personality here, basically, and it’s very charming. Tons of great sex with individuality to the heroines and variety to the fetishes. A kamige of nukige for sure.


Whew, it’s finally out. This one has been cooking in the oven for a long time, and thanks to that it’s packed with love. I hope everyone has a good time playing this game. I sure had a good time translating it, the writing in this game is really entertaining. Aheahe Moon gave me a major Sailor Scout fetish, and my dream is for this release to spread that fetish to erogamers around the world. Enjoy.


Sansha Mendan Patch v1.2 – Images Galore

sexy sexy oof oof

Game details: https://vndb.org/v6357
Game can be purchased here (Digital download): Getchu
Patch download: SM_English_Patch_V1.2.rar
Dedicated images patch: Graphics.rar

Promo 10000

Well, it’s finally here. It took a bit but images can finally be inserted into the game. This patch adds image translations for three major areas: The command screen (above), the config screen, and the title screen. Yes, the STARAT beast has finally been slain. If you haven’t played Sansha Mendan yet, now is basically the best time, as I’m pretty sure this will be the last patch update released for it (barring any cataclysmic script errors that demand a fix).

Anyway, that’s that. Please enjoy the Sansha Mendan image patch. I know it was a pain for all the menus to be in Japanese, but we can finally put that behind us as a thing of the past.

Sansha Mendan Immoral Edition Full Translation Patch

sansha mendan

Game details: https://vndb.org/v6357
Game can be purchased here (Digital download): Getchu
Patch download: SM_English_Patch_V1.2.rar
(Patch includes a walkthrough and image guides for certain menus)

Sansha Promo 9

Patch installation guide:
1) Ensure you have the IMMORAL EDITION of the game. This patch will not work on the original version, you must have the Immoral Edition. The Immoral Edition can be identified by its higher resolution (1024×768).
2) Download the translation patch from the above link.
3) Go to your Sansha Mendan Immoral Edition installation directory. Back up bsxx.cfg and bsxx.dat.
4) Extract bsxx.cfg and bsxx.dat from the SM_English_Patch_V1.rar file into your SM IE installation directory, replacing the existing bsxx.cfg and bsxx.dat (but not their back ups).
5) That’s it. Run the game (from startup.exe, not smie.exe) and enjoy! Be sure to use the included image guides for the necessary screens.
5.5) It is possible that Japanese Locale is necessary to run this game. If you have problems, try changing your computer to Japanese Locale. Programs such as Applocale may work but are less likely to be effective.

Sansha Promo 1

Well, it’s here. A solid year of translation and editing work has been put into Sansha Mendan and it’s finally being released. This is quite a major moment for me. Over a year ago, I said I would stop translating visual novels due to the massive amount of time and effort it takes to bring just one these games over. A twist of fate put the Sansha Mendan scripts before me, however, and I went to work on what would soon become my favourite nukige of all time.

Sansha Promo 6

A cast of six great heroines, each hotter and more lovely than the last. 80 H-scenes. Tons of threesomes and lots of different fetishes. Honestly, if I didn’t love SM before starting it, I certainly did by the end of it. Despite being such a massive game that took more time and effort to complete than anything else in my life, I spent most of time working on it with an enthusiastic smile on my face because I just love this game and its heroines so much. In particular, Aina is now my favourite nukige heroine of all time and translating her route gave me a pink-hair fetish that I don’t see ever going away. Basically, I love SM to death and I’m so glad people who don’t know Japanese but know English can finally enjoy this gem to its fullest.

Sansha Promo 7

I couldn’t have made it here alone, though. Big thanks go to my editor, known as R, who came out of nowhere to help me edit the ENTIRE game and may have poured more passion into it than even I did. Seriously, his dedication was unreal and this translation would only be a fraction of its current quality had he not poured so much time and effort into it. Additionally, big thanks to those who programmed the text insertion tool which enabled me to translate this game at all – it’s hard to imagine how different my life would be if they hadn’t emailed me in response to my open request for help, but one thing’s for sure: without them, SM’s English translation would not exist.

Promo 333

So yeah. I love Sansha Mendan and I hope you do too. A lot of work was put into translating this game and I’m really looking forward to what fans think of it. Don’t hesitate to email me or comment here your thoughts on the game, I really want to read everyone’s impressions. My ultimate goal in translating SM was to give more people the opportunity to read and enjoy it, so every impression I read will make this all the more worth it.

Sansha Promo 8

Kimomen Patch reuploaded

harem guild2

Game – https://vndb.org/v12589 – キモメン底辺職でも巨根ならハーレムギルドの主になれる!?
Patch Download  – https://mega.nz/#!fl43BBIT!TMVIL6rpCGmaI08wM-Vu29GnraBPXXWpPc4u8UPLV78

(Outdated patch, use in case of emergency)

This is the complete English translation patch to Kimomen demo Harem Guild! It translates the entirety of the game! It’s been a long time coming, but now that it’s finally out I hope everyone has a good time reading this fine work of literature from start to finish. The patch can be applied by simply extracting  “patch.xp3” and “patch2.xp3” from the patch.rar linked above into the game folder (i.e. the one with the exe and data.xp3).


Kimomen demo Harem Guild can be purchased on a number of Japanese software download stores, such as dlsite (link).

If you discover error of some sort, pleases send me an email so that the patch can be amended.

Edit: Updated to V1.2 due to gracious system TL assistance from MandatoryUsername on Fuwanovel.

Teaser/Example Screenshots




Sansha Mendan Translation Progress


Sansha Mendan translation is complete. The editor has quite a few more chunks to go through before he’s done and there’s some technical things I want to work out before going gold, so I wouldn’t expect a translation patch for another month or two. Maybe more if things go bad. Anyway, thanks for sticking with me this whole time.

Translated Lines: 35,409/35,409 – Fucking all of them

Edited Lines: Too complex to describe anymore